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Why Assigning Meaningful Work is Critical

We all have a job description that someone else assigned to us. That description is important for filling a company’s vacancy with a qualified candidate. The HR department determines the right candidate for the job and a person is hired. Indoctrination training takes place. Expectations are set. And work proceeds. The quality of that work, […]

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What does an aging workforce mean to you?

Employers are discovering that the aging of the workforce impacts them in unique ways, mandating different responses.  Which of the following describes how an aging and changing workforce may impact your organization? Intergenerational issues. Managers may resent working for younger or older bosses or have conflicts with differing value systems and work ethics in workers […]

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Proposed 2016 FLSA Overtime Exemption Law Changes

If your business hires employees and you haven’t heard about the “white collar exemptions” change, you should know about this proposed rule that’s expected to be implemented in 2016. Currently, employees making less than $23,660 must be hourly and are eligible for overtime pay. When this change goes into effect, if it mirrors the proposed […]

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Stereotypes and Prejudice in the Workplace

Managing Prejudice and Stereotypes In our ever-changing global environment, prejudice and stereotypes are becoming increasingly more important to manage.  Due to this, managers must have the ability to change cultural assumptions in their work environments. What is a Stereotype? A stereotype is defined as “an exaggerated belief or fixed idea about a person or group […]

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