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6 Tips When Applying For a New Job

As a successful recruiter, I am often asked how to improve someone’s chances for applying to an open position. My best advice is to think like a recruiter! Here’s some quick tips to consider when looking for your next job: Are You Qualified? – Make sure you have the qualifications necessary for the position. Do […]

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5 Phone Tips When You Call a Recruiter

Let’s talk about the art of speaking on the phone. It’s called an “art” for a reason. Some of us are masters at it, others… not so much. Whether it be a candidate calling to check on a position or someone simply asking how to apply, we get some unprofessional calls from time to time. […]

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Millennials and Their Earbuds

Brett Steele is Crescendo’s Communications Guru. His talent is teaching and training professionals how to become active listeners and outstanding communicators. The Earbud Addiction As I sit here writing this article, I’m jamming out to one of my favorite songs.  The words, “I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandeli-eeer…” are bursting through my […]

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How to Engage a Millennial Learner

Amanda Leonard is Crescendo’s Program Coordinator, spending her time building out a wide range of content for our engagements.  In the Learning & Development field, one of the growing issues facing facilitators is how to engage their Millennial Learners.  The same old tricks that worked for the Boomers and Gen X crowds just don’t seem […]

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DIY Promotion

Brandy Lee is Crescendo’s program manager. She stays busy organizing our efforts that help you do business better. Get up. Get to work. Get coffee. Type type type type. More coffee. More typing. Repeat about 12 times. Just another entry-level day. Most of us have been there. The 9-5 that has you bored to tears. Where […]

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How to Meet a Mentor

Brandy Lee is Crescendo’s program manager. She stays busy organizing our efforts that help you do business better.  Why don’t you have a mentor yet? All too often, we Millennials spend more time admiring our own qualities rather than noticing superior strengths in our colleagues. We may recognize the value of mentoring, but end up […]

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Making Milestones out of Mistakes

Brandy Lee is Crescendo’s program manager. She stays busy organizing our efforts that help you do business better. I failed two crucial projects in college. At the time, these failures felt like embarrassing set-backs; but now a decade into my career, I look at them as milestones in my education. To achieve failing grade #1, […]

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What Millennials Want

In 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce. We are literally taking over. That alone has your boss’s attention. No matter how drastic our views may seem to the old guard, they are finally gearing up for the inevitable impact our generation is about to have. So how are we hoping to […]

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The Problem with Problems & No Solution

Early in my career, I would take a problem to my boss and say, “We’ve got a problem. What do you want me to do?” It didn’t take long for him to train me to stop bringing problems to his office without also bringing at least one potential solution. He explained that I was actually […]

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