Our Team

To effectively reduce employee turnover for clients in a variety of industries, Crescendo Strategies has a team of experts who speak, train, coach, provide HR strategy, and develop in-class and online learning programs. Below are just a few of our team members and partners!

Cara – Our President & Chief Retention Officer

Let’s make an impact! As a workforce thought leader, my job is to change leaders’ perspectives to ensure they are successful as workforce trends and demographics change. Serving as the voice of the new workforce, I offer insight into the mindset of today’s evolving workforce.

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Leah – Our Talent Retention Strategist

It’s time to make managers and supervisors more effective in their roles! Need an on-site training program for new leaders or a retention audit conducted with your senior leadership team? I am the facilitator for the job, and will help your team find realistic solutions to improve employee loyalty and retention.

Jim – Our Speaking Engagement Liaison

Looking for a dynamic speaker or trainer? Our expert keynote speakers deliver relevant, entertaining, timely programs that impact organizations for years to come. Let me help you determine the right program and perfect speaker for your next conference or annual meeting.

Sarah Kayrouz – Our Workforce Strategist

Did you know Crescendo offers more than just event speakers? We go beyond keynotes to full-day workshops and virtual programs, as well as offering management videos and tangible templates. My job is to connect you with the custom solutions that address your needs. Contact me to learn about all our resources!

Tiffanie – Our Program Manager

Clients come first in our world! I’m here to ensure our clients’ needs and deadlines are met, and that our speaking team exceeds their expectations. I’m your go-to resource for questions and logistics for live programs and online courses!

Erin – Our Organizational Development Consultant

Align your structure and human capital perfectly! Increase your organizational effectiveness and systemic health through planned initiatives and training using behavioral science. Let’s assess and address your current organizational challenges and design solutions together.

Brandy – Our Chief Operations Officer

At Crescendo, we live up to our name – our company is building intensity! As we gain momentum, my job is to keep everyone on the same page, so I ensure our team stays in sync and meets the growing demand of our clients across the country.

Abby – Our Talent Consultant

Are your managers and supervisors as effective as they should be? It’s time to invest in the development of your leaders to ensure poor management isn’t costing you thousands of dollars in unnecessary employee turnover. Let me work with your current and future leaders so they reach their full potential.

Sherri – Our Executive Assistant

Our team is busy! I’m here to lighten their loads, so they can focus on you – our client! Our experts are on the road a lot, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need to find someone in a hurry or get quick answers to any questions on your mind.

Karl – Our Learning Technologist Partner

Learning doesn’t always take place in a classroom! Custom online modules offer a cost effective, flexible learning channel, and new achievement-based modules make e-learning more engaging than ever before. Let me show you the capabilities of blended learning that your workforce can do from anywhere.

Whitney – Our HR Data Analyst Partner

Solid data leads to solid decisions! I deliver data-supported insights about organizations, their employees, teams, leaders, customers, and even job candidates. Let me provide practical, actionable information that informs your business decision-makers and has a measurable impact on the organization’s bottom line.

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