6 Tips When Applying For a New Job

As a successful recruiter, I am often asked how to improve someone’s chances for applying to an open position. My best advice is to think like a recruiter herunterladen! Here’s some quick tips to consider when looking for your next job:

  • Are You Qualified? – Make sure you have the qualifications necessary for the position crocodile physik kostenlos downloaden. Do you have the absolute minimum qualifications for that position? If it says, “must have 5+ years of ‘this'” and you don’t, don’t waste your time herunterladen.
  • Follow Directions – Simple as that. Are you doing exactly what the application is telling you to do? If the post asks for salary requirements along with a cover letter and you don’t give them both of these pieces of information, you may not be considered for the position fusion 360 kostenloser download.
  • Follow Up – You can follow up on an application 3-5 days after submission, but make sure not to be overly aggressive with a high number of follow ups itunes lieder gratis downloaden.
  • Be Picky – Do not apply for every position listed on a company webpage. Again, only apply for the jobs you’re best qualified to fill. If the recruiter thinks you may be a fit for another position, let them make that judgment call amazon freetime herunterladen.
  • Resume Review – Make sure your resume has been reviewed by a third party and that it tells your employment story. I’m not saying you have to pay someone to do your resume but at least have someone else review it before you submit it hangman download. Keep the resume clean, simple and at a maximum of 2 pages.
  • Targeted Resume – Finally, make sure that resume is targeted to the position you are applying outlook bilder herunterladen automatisch. Yes, this step requires extra work. If you are applying for an HR position, make sure to highlight each place where you have HR-specific experience.

Following these simple tips will help you stand out above the rest of the candidates when applying for your next job instagram gratis herunterladen. I promise.

Author: Erin Stevens is a Recruiter for Talis Group, Inc, a full service boutique staffing firm. She is also a Millennial, a member of Indiana SHRM (Society of HR Managers), and has a Masters degree in Human Resources whatsapp sprüche zumen. If you are looking for positions or need to hire an employee in Legal, HR, Accounting, Engineering, Manufacturing or IT please forward your resume or contact her at estevens@talisgroup.com.

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