Are Women Held Back or Holding Themselves Back?

For decades, women have faced the infamous glass ceiling, but is that still our biggest obstacle? Perhaps it is time to start asking ourselves, women, why we aren’t in more of the top executive roles herunterladen. Are we being held back from reaching our full potential or are we holding ourselves back?

In a recent study conducted by the PR firm Zeno Group, 90% of Millennial women age 21-33 said that women have to make more personal sacrifices to reach the executive level than their male counterparts friseur spiele kostenlos herunterladen. And nearly half of the women said those sacrifices aren’t worth it. While earlier generations of women broke through the glass ceiling for us, many are choosing to keep their feet on the ground and not rise at all firefox in deutsch herunterladen.

While it is important to empower those who want to reach higher levels, it is your choice! If you have greater aspirations, find a mentor living that dream icloud musikmediathek herunterladen. And if your aspirations are to balance an intellectual outlet with a focus on motherhood, find a mentor who has mastered that particular balancing act herunterladen. Whichever path you choose, be intentional in your efforts to be the best you can be in whichever world you choose.

Check out the infographic by PR firm Zeno Group who conducted the research

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