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Dress for the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have

Great advice a mentor gave me when I was young. Those who give promotions want to know you can handle it and look the part, so performing well and dressing slightly above your current position can be a great way to stand out and prove your professional appearance abilities. Truth be told, I conduct myself […]

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Making Meetings Worth It

What’s the average salary cost for a meeting at your organization? How many hours per week do you and your colleagues spend in meetings? Optimizing your meetings could have a tremendous impact on your time available to be more productive at the office. Give these tips a try to get more out of your meetings […]

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Everyone Can (and Should) Network

Of course your skills and knowledge make you valuable to your employer, but never underestimate the value of a network as well. This world truly operates by the mantra of “who you know” and many non-networkers don’t see the value of knowing other professionals in their industry, particularly when they sit behind a desk all […]

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Never Stop Improving

Lowe’s hit the nail on the head with their slogan of “Never Stop Improving.” I can’t stress this motto enough in building your business acumen and professional career as well. We’re all so busy getting things done that it’s often tough to find time for personal and professional development, but I assure you that it […]

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Reconsider the Length of Your Meetings

Are you sure every meeting needs 60 minutes? Isn’t is annoying to have back-to-back meetings on your calendar with no time allotted for a restroom break, coffee refill or quick email check? No wonder meetings never start on time and everyone’s on their smart phones. Remember back in the day when you were in school? […]

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Shortcuts ACTUALLY Save Time

While learning shortcuts may take time, implementing them can be very worthwhile and will certainly pay off in the end. You probably already know the Microsoft standards of Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, etc, but below are a few of my favorites that I’d highly recommend utilizing, if you’re not already. 1. Use your Bookmarks/Favorites Bar Whether you’re […]

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Can Young Professionals Be Committed?

While most organizations have experienced the reality that many young professionals from Generation-Y (aka millennials) aren’t truly committed to the company, most don’t stop to think about the Gen-Y perspective and why commitment (in either direction) isn’t deemed high on the priority list for job seeking. What role models of commitment and corporate loyalty do […]

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Begin with the End in Mind

Don’t we wish we’d known then what we know now? While many people begin a new venture or project with an end goal in mind, they don’t often think about what the potential conclusion for that venture or project will look like. It’s a crucial step missing from most strategic planning sessions for groups or […]

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Only Touch It Once

How many times per day do you look at the same email, file or piece of mail on your desk that you wish you had dealt with long ago? It’s a quick task and yet there it stays! One simple way to avoid procrastination and to keep things from accumulating on your desk or in […]

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