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What Not To Wear to a Baseball Game

  Recently I was having a discussion with a client about how lax dress code standards are today versus what he was used to from the workforce of forty years ago, when out of the blue he said: “Heck, people even used to wear suits to go to baseball games!” I agreed with him and […]

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Who Owns Retention? The REAL Employee Turnover Problem – Part 2

Continued from Who Owns Retention? The REAL Employee Turnover Problem – Part 1 One Person Won’t Resolve the Issue – Retention is Everyone’s Job  While having a dedicated staffer to focus on diagnosing and resolving turnover issues is essential, leaders at all levels must take turnover seriously. Just like customer service, retention should be part of everyone’s job and everyone’s training. Keep in […]

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Appeal to Millennials With These Money-Saving Work Perks

Want to know who is going to change the face of the workplace? It’s going to be millennials. They’re an ever-growing portion of people going to work and will be the largest generation at work by 2020—just a few years from now. And while there is much about millennials that’s different from previous generations, including […]

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Who Owns Retention? The REAL Employee Turnover Problem – Part 1

What’s the biggest problem when it comes to employee turnover? No one owns retention!  At many companies, when turnover rises executives point to HR to fix it – whose plate is already overflowing with terminations, payroll, benefits management, and back-fill recruiting. HR then blames bad managers for running off good people, and the managers push back complaining that executives do […]

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Why Not All Millennials Are “Millennial”

An excerpt from Staying Power: Think we should avoid putting everyone into buckets by birth year? I agree. So why am I writing a book breaking down our workforce by generation? Because around age 30, I realized that some of my friends had figured out how to play the “professional” game while others had not, and […]

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Who’s the Real Flight Risk? Why Employees Leave (and Stay)

An excerpt from Staying Power: Who’s the Real Flight Risk? Why do people stay at your organization? Is it because they’re passionate about the work they do? Do they enjoy working with their colleagues and/or those you serve? Do they feel well-compensated and appreciated? Or is it for another reason? While I would like to […]

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Employees Are Quitting, Now What? – Part 3

Continued from A Previous Blog 5 – Build Trust through Transparency Going back to loyalty, most new hires have very little commitment to your organization on day one. After seeing my hardworking mom get laid off three times when I was young, I learned that loyalty isn’t automatic in any direction today. It must be earned […]

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Employees Are Quitting, Now What? – Part 2

Continued from A Previous Blog 3 – Know Your People Regarding management approaches, one size doesn’t fit all anymore. Today’s workforce is extremely diverse not only in regards to race, religion, gender, generation, etc. but simply by mindset. We all have different priorities, different motivators, and different goals in our lives and careers. How well do […]

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