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Employees Are Quitting, Now What? – Part 3

Continued from A Previous Blog 5 – Build Trust through Transparency Going back to loyalty, most new hires have very little commitment to your organization on day one. After seeing my hardworking mom get laid off three times when I was young, I learned that loyalty isn’t automatic in any direction today. It must be earned […]

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Employees Are Quitting, Now What? – Part 2

Continued from A Previous Blog 3 – Know Your People Regarding management approaches, one size doesn’t fit all anymore. Today’s workforce is extremely diverse not only in regards to race, religion, gender, generation, etc. but simply by mindset. We all have different priorities, different motivators, and different goals in our lives and careers. How well do […]

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Staying Power – Book, Keynote & Workshop

Crescendo Strategies is thrilled to announce Cara Silletto, MBA, & Leah Brown‘s newest employee retention book, Staying Power: Why Your Employees Leave & How to Keep Them Longer, released in March 2018. Read more about it below, order your copies here, and then contact us to schedule your Staying Power event today! Staying Power: Why Your Employees […]

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Employees Are Quitting, Now What? – Part 1

Let’s survey your current staff! How many people in your organization have been there 10+ years, are deep-rooted and likely aren’t going anywhere until retirement? We’ll call these staff “trees.” And how many people haven’t been there long, and their position will likely turn over multiple times in the next few years? We’ll call these […]

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Stop Hiring Recruiters When You Really Need A Retention Specialist!

If employee retention is a major issue for your organization, why are you hiring an additional recruiter? Why put a bandage on the issue by adding to the recruiting team, when “recruiting the wrong people” is only a tiny part of the real causes for increased turnover? Instead, consider hiring and empowering a Retention Specialist […]

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Questions You Can’t Ask About Your Staff

Cara answers the workforce questions you might get in trouble for asking at the office. Do you have your own nagging questions about working with your staff? Submit it here! Q: So how do we mentor a Millennial to understand that “YOLO” is not feasible? A: Encourage them to think like a manager. Have authentic conversations with […]

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Vlog: When Did You Start Working?

When did you start working? Lots of Boomers and Gen Xers are wondering, “Why do Millennials seem so clueless about starting work?” Do Millennials experience starting work in the workforce the same way as those before them? In this vlog, Leah Brown, Crescendo’s Talent Retention Strategist, shares some of the factors that have drastically changed […]

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Who’s Who in the Workplace – Defining the Generations

Generations Provide a Challenge to Organizational Management With four generations in today’s workplace, it’s critical for leaders to understand who’s who on their teams in order to effectively manage multi-generational teams. In the video below, Cara Silletto highlights the multi-generations populating today’s workforce, and how to important it is to understand each generations’ values and work ethic.

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Why Millennial Men Won’t Work 60 Hrs/Wk Anymore!

Today’s Young Men Are Lazy! I recently presented a workshop on attracting and retaining Millennial talent to a group of concrete company owners and managers. One gentleman shared his hiring frustration saying, “They’re just lazy! I can’t find any young guys who are willing to work 60 hours a week anymore!” “Wow,” I thought. Things […]

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