Workforce Retention Bootcamps

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Frustrated that staff keep walking out the door?

Need to create better leaders who know exactly why people leave and own their influence to keep staff longer vivo stream?

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8-Part Bootcamp Training Details

This powerful 8-part training program helps managers and directors better understand themselves and today’s new workforce in order to more effectively lead their teams and reduce employee turnover. It provides individual Behaviors and Motivators assessments for each participant in addition to the group training sessions conducted on-site at your location, via live virtual training sessions or as a self-paced online course.

  1. Is This Our New Staffing Reality?
    Current Employment Market Trends & Future Projections
  2. They Should Know Better!
    The Generational Story You’ve Never Heard
  3. Come on! Let’s go, go, go!
    Motivators that Drive Individuals in Various Ways
  4. Who Does That?!
    Behaviors of Different Personalities & Yourself
  5. I Want to Work There!
    Building an Organization That Attracts & Keeps Talent
  6. I Love My Boss!
    Management Strategies for Improving Staff Loyalty & Longevity
  7. Say What?!
    Communicating More Effectively with Your Team
  8. Where Do I Go from Here?
    Retention Program Recap & Action Planning

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) approvals are pending for SHRM, HRCI and NAB.

View our Workforce Retention Bootcamp brochure or check out the Online Program.

Get your senior leaders on the same page with our 2-Day Workforce Retention Retreat.

Program Delivery Methods

On-Site Classroom Training – RECOMMENDED FOR BEST RESULTS!

  • Best for groups whose managers are at or near the same location
  • Best for building group camaraderie and trust across leadership team
  • Best for holding participants accountable for their continued participation

Online Course Modules – Get a Sneak Peek Here

  • Better for companies who can’t train all their managers on the same shift
  • Better for small organizations with less than 20 managers
  • Better for managers who need to learn in small doses through micro-learning

Live Virtual Training via Zoom

  • Good for groups whose managers are at various locations geographically
  • Good for capturing virtual interaction and engagement of dispersed teams
  • Good for leadership teams who work from home

Contact us to determine the best delivery method for your group and budget.

Microlearning Videos Also Available

Need to train your staff but don’t have time to put them in a classroom? Our microlearning video series was created for our online course, but now allows you to choose from our catalog of topics to put in your own learning management system or share with staff as needed. Viewers will gain insight and understanding of the new workforce in order to bridge widening generational gaps and reduce unnecessary employee turnover costing your organization productivity and profitability.

Contact us for a list of current videos available.

Watch our sample video below.

How to Best Use Microlearning Videos

Here is a sampling of ways our clients use our microlearning video series to create better leaders:

  • Ongoing training tool for regular staff meetings
  • Reinforcement training for those who attended live Bootcamp programs
  • Catch-up training for leaders who missed live Bootcamp programs
  • Continuing education for busy employees who have time constraints
  • Consistent training across various geographic locations
  • New supervisor and manager orientation
  • Prep for strategic planning or leadership retreats

Contact us to discuss how to best use these videos with your team.

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