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Do I have to thank staff who show up?

By Cara Silletto, MBA In my mind, gratefulness and frustration are at two different ends of one spectrum. If you feel one, it’s difficult to feel the other at the same time, and people land – at any given moment – somewhere on the spectrum between the two extremes herunterladen. I see this both in […]

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Not Your Grandfather’s Apprenticeship: How to Launch an Apprentice Program Today

The New Apprenticeship When you hear the word “apprenticeship,” what’s the first thing you think of? Pipefitters, welders, or brick layers? Industries that require that you get your hands dirty? The truth is, times have changed: Today’s apprenticeships aren’t the same as your grandparents’ kontoauszüge herunterladen commerzbank. Broadly, an apprenticeship is a training program that’s […]

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“Millennial” Entitlement: What’s in Your Closet?

Think of the houses built before the 1970s.  Most of them had closets smaller than the ones we see in homes built today.  In many cases, the older the home was the smaller the closet was herunterladen. Before the turn of the century, many homes had no closet at all!   Clothes were folded and stored […]

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Need to Retain Your Talent? Start with Building Trust

By Cara Silletto, MBA, and Leah Brown – Crescendo Strategies Today’s new workforce does not blindly trust leadership: companies have to work for it. That mindset stems from a few things. Millennials (born 1981-1996) have grown up surrounded by a 24/7 news cycle and more information than ever about people in leadership positions taking advantage […]

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Empowering Company Leaders Improves Retention

By Cara Silletto, MBA, and Leah Brown – Crescendo Strategies Reducing employee turnover demands an investment of time, talent, and dollars. But it also requires companies to stop playing the blame game teams download for free. It’s time to take responsibility for turnover problems and build a company culture that puts retention at the forefront. […]

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New Staffing Models That Reduce Unnecessary Employee Turnover

By Cara Silletto, MBA, and Leah Brown – Crescendo Strategies It’s no secret that the world we live in (especially when it comes to the workforce) is constantly evolving. We find that oftentimes, the ways companies have been run successfully in the past no longer align with the needs and expectations of today’s new workforce […]

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