DIY Promotion

Brandy Lee is Crescendo’s program manager. She stays busy organizing our efforts that help you do business better.

Get up herunterladen. Get to work. Get coffee. Type type type type. More coffee. More typing. Repeat about 12 times.

Just another entry-level day.

Most of us have been there herunterladen. The 9-5 that has you bored to tears. Where staying awake takes two parts facebook for every one part productivity. You knew you had to start somewhere, but now it feels like the cubicle walls are closing in android email herunterladen.

Some might say you don’t deserve special praise for this servitude, but you know better. You know you could probably make more money somewhere else bittorrent gratis downloaden. Or at least you could work for one of those hipster companies with the bean bag chairs and sponsored yoga classes.

Deep down, you think you’re doing your company a favor huawei whatsapp herunterladen. And you do it expecting a return on your generous investment of time and (so far) untapped talent. That promotion or hefty raise has to be right around the corner teams 365.

But what if it isn’t?

Unless fast-track perks were a part of your hiring package, odds are your bosses think of you as a happy little worker bee getting your tasks done and cherishing the chance to work for them mms herunterladen geht nicht samsung galaxy s3. They hired you to do a job, not to hone your portfolio. If you’re getting your work done, you’re not on their radar – which is an accomplishment in their eyes iptv gratisen.

To get more money, you need to give them more to pay you for. To get that promotion you’ve got to upgrade your skill set. You need to get back on their radar and for all the right reasons schießspiele kostenlos downloaden.

So how can you get busy getting promoted?

  1. Volunteer! Volunteer to do the unwanted tasks around the office skat kostenlosen. Get on people’s good sides. Volunteer to take on one of the “backburner” projects that’s been needing to get done for about 2 years. Humbly propose to lead entirely new projects nobody’s even thought of yet (Organizing the file room? Scanning in paper docs into a new virtual database?).
  2. Train! Boast your quals by pursuing professional training. Does your company sponsor any ongoing training? If so, sign up! If not, pursue training of your own. Join a young professionals group, attend Crescendo’s monthly AMPlify webinars… the key is to make the effort and make sure your superior knows it.
  3. Find a Mentor! The best way to get all of your efforts noticed is to have a company mentor guiding your progress every step of the way. Not only will they be able to communicate your value to the powers that be, they’ll also have the insider knowledge to make your efforts most effective. (Need help? See our recent mentoring webinar.)

When the boss needs his next manager, he’s going to hire someone with existing management qualifications, not someone he has to groom for the job. Show that you are manager-material now. Take on as much responsibility and respectability as you can so you are prepped and ready to move up the pay grade.

You won’t get promoted unless you’re promoting yourself. Start making your case today!

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