Don’t Be Taken Advantage of (for Too Long)

Before we get started, for those of you who ever use the phrase, “that’s not in my job description,” this blog doesn’t apply to you naruto spiele pc kostenlos downloaden. This blog is for those who knowingly or unknowingly allow others to fill their plates to an unmanageable level…and typically those who have trouble saying ‘no.’
(If that’s you, keep reading.)

I recently met an amazing 30-year-old who told me she was working 70+ hours per week and still hadn’t been given the promotion she was “promised” six months or so earlier windows movie maker kostenlose.

When I asked why she was working those painstaking hours, she said it was to prove she had what it took to get to the next level. When I asked how much longer she’d pull those hours, she paused…immediately realizing it was never going to slow down, unless she changed something legal musik downloaden.

Business is competitive. Margins are still tight for most industries and those that are doing better since the recession want to keep every penny to make up for the rough times herunterladen. But don’t let your company, or your boss, take advantage of you…for too long!

The woman I met was right for working hard and bringing tremendous value to the company, but you’ve got to set a reasonable limit and/or goal familienfreigabe musik herunterladen. She didn’t get the promotion she thought she would earn with those hours, so isn’t it time to rethink her strategy.

Is it really hours that companies want from you herunterladen? Or is it results? Or both? Better yet, are you missing out on something else completely? Politics?

For each company (and sometimes boss), the answer could be different herunterladen. The key to achieving rapid success is knowing what (and who) drives the promotion decision, getting the decision-maker to communicate the expectations and deliver to those results herunterladen.

And I promise…any company will LET you work those hours if you want to continue. They’ll love you for it. But it may never get you the promotion you think you deserve instagram downloaden pc gratis.

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