Dress for the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have

Great advice a mentor gave me when I was young. Those who give promotions want to know you can handle it and look the part, so performing well and dressing slightly above your current position can be a great way to stand out and prove your professional appearance abilities herunterladen.

Truth be told, I conduct myself in a more professional manner when I’m in a suit, so why not let my attire help improve my personal brand geburtstagsgifs kostenlos downloaden?

Below are some great links to videos about appropriate business attire. I couldn’t agree more with their suggestions.

For Women – http://video.about.com/fashion/Women-s-Business-Wardrobe.htm
For Men – http://video.about.com/mensfashion/Men-s-Business-Wardrobe.htm
Rule of Thumb: When you look in the mirror, if you ask yourself (or others) whether a certain piece of clothing is appropriate for work or not, go change clothes movie maker windows 7 kostenlosen! It’s always better to err on the side of being more modest and professional than to ever be seen as someone who is too sexy or casual at the office emacs herunterladen.

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