Get Up and Walk Over There!

I get it. Email is easier. It’s on MY time, then the other person can respond when THEY have time. I get it. Too bad ‘convenient’ isn’t always the best method, huh kostenlose videos für whatsapp herunterladen?

The Best Method
Go talk to them. Literally. Get out of your chair and walk over to their offices or cubes, ask if they have a minute, and hold the conversation in person with your colleagues – particularly if it’s a troublesome situation italienische musik kostenlos herunterladen. This method is by far the best when solving problems!

Earn Respect
Surveys show that Boomers and Traditionalists prefer face-to-face or phone communication over email and texts apple kalender herunterladen. Knowing that, and using the information to your advantage, will set you apart from other Millennials who refuse to talk one-on-one with their older colleagues spiel downloaden origin.

Build Relationships
Millennials are already stereotyped as those whose faces are glued to our smart phones. So buck the trend and set yourself apart by showing your interpersonal skills wo pc spieleen. Plus, they may surprise you and let you in on other information they would never have put in an email!

Reduce Miscommunication
It’s no secret that 38% of our messages are delivered by our tone, 55% comes from body language and only 7% is received by the actual words we choose, so why do we allow email to rule our communication channels zug simulator 2018 kostenlosen? If you do that, you’re asking to be misunderstood!

Try It!
Seriously. Try talking one-on-one with colleagues for a week and see how much less frustration is caused diashow kostenlos herunterladen. Then, in a future post, we’ll provide tips for approaching colleagues in the most effective ways. For now, give it your best effort!

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