Hold Yourself Accountable – Track Your Time

Track Your Involvement and Time
As mentioned in the Know Your Value post, it’s important to track your involvement and success related to specific projects equal treatment application. I challenge you to go a step further and track your time spent on those projects as well.

Use a System
It doesn’t matter what system you use, but be consistent polar flow sync herunterladen. My personal method is a spreadsheet with all my tasks listed down the left side and the days of the week across the top. I start with general tasks on the left (email, networking, partnership meetings, etc.) zeit podcast herunterladen. Then I list the specific projects I’m working on in a separate section below that. Non-productive items, like travel time or volunteering should go in a third section at the bottom microsoft office word 2007 kostenlosen. This time may possibly be spent on your business, but doesn’t necessarily move you forward.

Make It Accessible
Keep a link to the document on your desktop and a couple times a day, jump into the spreadsheet and document your time in 15-minute or 30-minute increments herunterladen. It may seem like a lot, but you’ll get very quick at making the entries. After only a few days, you’ll realize where exactly your time is going and easily be able to shift non-productive time to more productive activities epson xp 352 treiber download kostenlos.

Need an Accountability Partner?
Sometimes folks just need another person checking in to be sure they’v kept up their end of the productivity bargain books for free. If you find a system like the one suggested above doesn’t increase your productivity and results, contact us to arrange for a coach to help keep you on track to reach your full potential cake mania 2 free full version!

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