How to Meet a Mentor

Brandy Lee is Crescendo’s program manager. She stays busy organizing our efforts that help you do business better.

 Why don’t you have a mentor yet mp3 musik downloaden youtube?

All too often, we Millennials spend more time admiring our own qualities rather than noticing superior strengths in our colleagues. We may recognize the value of mentoring, but end up waiting for the boss to call and ask for the privilege of investing in us programm youtube herunterladen. Well, if you find yourself waiting for someone to approach you about mentoring; then you might as well get comfy, because it will likely be a long wait mp3 suchen musik herunterladen.

Here is the honest truth: mentors aren’t lining up to meet you. You have to make the first move.

Today, Crescendo offered a 60-minute webinar to Millennial professionals called “Mentors 101: Who You Need and How to Find Them kostenlose bilder zumen.” During this session, our President, Cara Silletto, gave specific strategies for how you can appropriately pursue a strategic mentoring relationship app videos facebook herunterladen. One excellent suggestion is to expand your business network through professional associations.

To help you get started, here are the first steps you can take TODAY that will improve your prospects of finding a mentor and enhance your credentials at the same time windows 10 download microsoft kostenlos.

Step 1:Google” Young Professional Groups.Simply google: “[Your city] Young Professional Groups.” Do some shopping around for groups that appeal to you and give them a call apps for galaxy watch. Be sure to ask if they have programs that can pair you with professional mentors.

Step 2:Bing” Industry Associations whatsapp sprachnachricht lädt nicht herunterladen.There’s a professional association for every field you can image. There’s a National Dart Association, for goodness’ sakes. Research your target field (i.e herunterladen. “Business Proposal Writers Association”) and see what it takes to join and get connected with members. This looks great on a resume too!

Step 3:Friend” a Leadership Development Consulting Company herunterladen.There’s nothing like letting someone else do all the research for you! Find a company you like (ahem… Crescendo Strategies, perhaps?) and simply follow their facebook/twitter updates for networking events. Crescendo even offers one-on-one coaching if you’d like advice on specific topics right away or want to experience more formal training than informal mentoring.

If you live in or around the Louisville Metro area, here are a few young professional groups to get you started:

Young Professionals Association of Louisville:
Young Professionals of East Kentucky:
Lexington Young Professional Association:
Legacy Leadership (Cincy and Northern Kentucky):
Young Professionals of Central Indiana:

Good luck!

Did you miss today’s webinar? The full sessions is still available! Register here for your copy.

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