It’s Not All About You! Become a Better Team Player

Millennials are so selfish! They only think about what THEY want and what they THINK they deserve. It’s always ‘what’s in it for me?’

Sound familiar schwäbische zeitung app herunterladen? Boomers say these things (or at least think them) all the time. But you can prove them wrong, Millennials! Below are four ways to become a better team player as a young professional and overcome the selfish stereotype netflix folgen herunterladen!

Think Before You Speak

1) Think before you speak, and not just about the words themselves, but how the message might be received. Say it in your head to hear how it sounds first herunterladen. You’ll save yourself from embarrassment a time or two, I promise.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

2) Embrace the fact that you don’t know what you don’t know youtube downloader kostenlos deutsch android. While you may be great at your job and know more about social media than your older colleagues, they have tons of institutional knowledge and experience that you don’t have herunterladen. And that’s worth something. (Trust me…you’ll believe that more in 10+ years.) You’ll be more impressive to others if you realize that you’ve got a lot to learn rather than being the know-it-all 7 zip for mac.

Ask Good Questions

3) Ask good questions, and be genuine about it. Express a sincere desire to learn more about the business, and take interest in hearing stories of success and failure from those who’ve been at the company longer than you spardasecureapp. The more you learn from others, the less trial and error you’ll have to conduct over time and the more credibility you’ll have as you disqualify some of your own ideas that won’t work because of things you’ve learned garmin trainingsplan herunterladen.

Offer a Fresh Perspective

4) Place value on your own opinions because they are fresh ideas, but realize they may not apply to your particular business for one reason or another, or they may have been tried a time or two before to no avail free studio error whening the video. If times have changed, you can explain why the methodology might work now vs. previous attempts (once you’ve listened and understand the difference between then and now), but focus more on the fact that your ideas are brought forth as a new perspective flash player 10 kostenlos downloaden.

Use Outside the Office

On a personal note, this methodology works well in most personal lives as well. Think about it. Who wants a roommate (or a life partner) who doesn’t respect the space and needs of the other person in the relationship? Listen more than you talk, and give more than you take. You’ll reap tremendous benefits on this one!

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