Know Your Value: Quantifying Performance & Results

Some young professionals calculate their entry-level worth to a company far beyond their true value because they don’t yet know how important experience is, but many others (of all ages) do not even attempt to analyze their individual worth to the organization. No matter which side of the spectrum is yours, it is critically important to quantify your contributions for three main reasons: performance reviews, pay raises and promotions.

Does your company have a specific form to complete for your performance reviews, or is it usually just an informal chat with the boss about your strengths and weaknesses over the past year? Either way, you’ll be less nervous and more concrete in your answers about your performance if you’ve kept track of it. Plus, putting your results on paper goes a long way when asking the company to increase their estimated value of your work and fork over more cash or give you a promotion.

Things to consider when quantifying your value to the organization:

  1. Your network – Identify prospects, customers, partners, vendors, or staff you know
  2. Your contributions – Keep a brief log of your role or involvement in each project
  3. Your team results – Track the final outcome of all projects to which you contributed
  4. Your personal accomplishments – List continued education and new skills acquired
  5. Your lessons learned – Write down any wrong turns you made and what you learned

It may take a few minutes each day to track this information, but having it will help you and your boss determine your true value to the company and assess your professional growth since the last performance discussion. And please know, it is not necessary to take all the documentation to your boss at review time, but be sure you are familiar with it and are ready to hand it over if she asks you for it.

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