Making Meetings Worth It

What’s the average salary cost for a meeting at your organization? How many hours per week do you and your colleagues spend in meetings?

Optimizing your meetings could have a tremendous impact on your time available to be more productive at the office youtube converter zum herunterladen. Give these tips a try to get more out of your meetings than ever before:

  1. Create an agenda – Even if it’s only on scratch paper to keep the team on track
  2. Schedule the meeting for the right length – Try 50 minutes to allow for breathing room
  3. Invite the right people – Don’t waste anyone’s time if the topic doesn’t apply to their role
  4. Start and end on time – Push the chit-chat to the end and repeatedly begin on time
  5. Determine action items – Delegate specific tasks necessary to accomplish each goal
  6. Follow up – Don’t wait for the next meeting to check in on the progress of others
  7. Hold everyone accountable – Take minutes and discuss previously assigned tasks

More details on these tips will be covered in future blog posts, but it’s time to start thinking about the way you’re planning and running your meetings instrumentalmusik download kostenlos. If you spend 5 minutes planning each meeting’s agenda, you’ll be shocked at how much more your team is able to accomplish during and after the meetings o2 rechnung nicht herunterladen.

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