Need More Time? Unclutter Your Inbox

Who isn’t inundated with too many emails these days? Ever ask yourself how much of what’s in your inbox is actually worth your time? Isn’t there a way to cut back cd kostenlos herunterladen? Yes, there is!


Get off the email lists that aren’t relevant. Better yet, get off email lists that aren’t a high enough priority to warrant taking the time to read and/or delete them pdf reader kostenlos. No one can keep up with all the information bombarding our inboxes today, so be picky when signing up, and only stay on lists that are worth it!

Learn to Say “No”

Don’t be afraid to say “no, thank you.” I recently met a fellow trainer and coach who asked if she could add me to her newsletter list download dance music for free. While I’d love to read her articles, I’m finding that resources of higher importance (to stay up-to-date in my field of generational expertise) take up all my available reading time right now koch games to. When I told her I was cutting back on how many newsletters I receive, she completely understood and agreed it was time for her to do the same. I still bookmarked her site as a resource, and I know I can reach out to her at any time if I need her expertise iphone fotos auf mac herunterladen!

Make a “Junk” Email Account

If you don’t already have an old account you’re not using any longer, create an email account that you can use ONLY for times when you’re forced to provide an email, but you don’t want any contact download the sattelclub game for free. I use this to sign up for special one-time offers, and most recently, it came in handy when I attended several wedding shows. The organizers require your email address to register for the free events, but then you’re pummeled by vendor emails for photography, catering, and tuxedo rental schreibschrift programm kostenlosen! Good thing those didn’t come into my REAL inbox.

Reduce Your Distractions

If you aren’t convinced yet that it’s worth every effort to unclutter your inbox, think about the number of times a new email arrives in the pop-up window of your screen or as an icon at the top of your smart phone how can I an audiobook. That’s a distraction that causes a lack of focus on the task at hand and requires a restart of your thoughts. Reducing those pop-ups by even 25% means you’ll stay more focused while at your desk gta 5 download deutsch kostenlos. Increased productivity, here we come!

Want more tips? Read “Only Touch It Once” to be more efficient with your precious time tdownloader herunterladen!

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