Reconsider the Length of Your Meetings

Are you sure every meeting needs 60 minutes? Isn’t is annoying to have back-to-back meetings on your calendar with no time allotted for a restroom break, coffee refill or quick email check herunterladen? No wonder meetings never start on time and everyone’s on their smart phones.

Remember back in the day when you were in school? Classes were held from 11-11:50 am or 2-3:20 pm herunterladen. That’s because the school officials figured out that students had to get from one room to another, and they needed time for a restroom break. Why is it that businesses have completely forgotten this rule of thumb git datei herunterladen? Is it because Microsoft Outlook automatically selects 30- and 60-minute slots as a default when scheduling a meeting? Probably, but it’s worth your effort to get in the habit of changing the end time of each meeting to make it 50 or 80 minutes, instead of always using 60 and 90 vertragsvorlagen kostenlos downloaden.

We’re all stressed and stretched too thin throughout the day, and making this slight adjustment when scheduling your team meetings will ease a bit of that frustration fortnite pc free download.

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