Rewarding Generation ME

Lots of folks have called the Millennials (38 & under) the “ME” Generation due to their narcissistic tendencies, but truth be told, every generation is the “ME” generation.

We all want to be a valued contributor and we all like being rewarded in a way that’s meaningful to us as individuals. Trouble is, that means treating each employee as a unique asset to your team and business. It also means rewarding them in different ways!

How do you like to be rewarded? Do you like public recognition for a job well done? Do you prefer a quiet ‘atta boy’ email? Or do you want a gift card to Amazon?

Managers listen up! Just because you prefer one way or another, doesn’t mean that’s the case for your team. Find out what folks really want in regards to recognition and figure out a way to make it happen. Don’t have a budget for gift cards? Is it worth paying for it yourself? Or can you let someone leave the office two hours early as a way to say thanks?

Now What?
Are you a manager who needs help identifying and rewarding your contributing team members? Are you a team member who needs to learn effective ways to tell your manager how you want to be valued within the organization? Contact us for a quick tips sheet on rewards and recognition.

For more on this topic, check out this great article from TLNT online!

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