Shortcuts ACTUALLY Save Time

While learning shortcuts may take time, implementing them can be very worthwhile and will certainly pay off in the end. You probably already know the Microsoft standards of Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, etc, but below are a few of my favorites that I’d highly recommend utilizing, if you’re not already eagle downloaden.

1. Use your Bookmarks/Favorites Bar
Whether you’re using Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, all browsers have an option to show a list of your favorite links under the URL address bar at the top free music legally. Go to your settings to make sure the bar is visible, then simply grab the little picture icon next to your desired web address in the URL box and pull it down to the favorites bar windows xp kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch. To make room for tons of links, right click to change the name of each one. If you’re really adventurous, you can even put them in folders on that same bar mediathek android!

2. Put shortcuts on your desktop
Do you open the same file often and spend time clicking through the many higher folders to get to your document huawei firmwareen? No matter if it’s located on a shared drive or in your My Documents folder on your C Drive, you can right click on the document icon and choose “Send to Desktop.” This will put an icon to that specific file (or folder) on your desktop for easy access, but it doesn’t add a new file plugin herunterladen openatv. It’s exactly the file you spent so much time digging for, but now it’s at your fingertips.

3. Alt + Tab
If you’re like me trying to win a multi-tasking award, you probably have several different windows and programs open at once on your computer, right office home student herunterladen? If so, try holding the Alt key down, then hit Tab. While still holding the Alt key, you can continue tapping Tab as many times as you need to get to the other program you want to switch to panzer general 3d download free german. This eliminates minimizing your screens one at a time to find what you need. It’s ideal when working across two different documents or programs at once private tax 2013 herunterladen. You can quickly hit Alt+Tab just once to switch back and forth.

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