The Impact of Mentoring

Remember those words you heard years ago that stuck with you and changed your path, your future and who you are today? What an impact!

I recently had the pleasure of teaching the inaugural year of Louisville’s Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!), and have been blown away by the impact it’s had on the young kids in the program laws on the internet.

Take a look at this inspiring message from a parent of one of our students after his presentation to our panel of business investors:

Thank you for your words of affirmation and confidence in our son kan appvalley niet downloaden. He told us sometime in the middle of the course, you spoke those words that one day he will be a multimillionaire and you see him owning many companies dead by daylight herunterladen. We told him, you were speaking out his destiny that is residing on the inside of him. He was so inspired by your words and he is bristling with confidence as a young man word herunterladen studenten. As parents, you can imagine how that makes us feel. Also, as a teacher/mentor, how much impact you have made in him in such a short time! My wife and I are very appreciative of you avery zweckform downloaden. As a matter of fact the genuineness of your effort was very evident yesterday on the face and delivery of every kid (future business stars!). I realized yesterday that sometimes all our youth these days need is an encouraging positive word from grownups and with that they can run farther and fly higher than we could imagine kostenlos musik auf tablet downloaden.

Now it’s your turn! Offer your time to meet with others in your organization or your community to listen to their dreams, plans and fears herunterladen. Offer inspiring words to build their confidence and acknowledge their capabilities to be even more than what they believe possible. Make an impact on others and your return will be greater than you ever imagined wire app herunterladen!

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