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Cara Silletto, MBA, is a workforce thought leader, speaker, author, and consultant helping organizations reduce employee turnover ebay kleinanzeigen app kostenlos herunterladen. Talent Retention Strategist, Leah Brown, brings 25+ years of leadership development expertise to our clients. If you’re seeking quotes, articles or appearances by workforce strategists or generational experts, contact us today whatsapp hintergründe herunterladen! See all of our most recent articles and interviews below.

Crescendo Articles and Interviews

SubscriptionMaker (2020)

This has already been a huge year of change in the business world, but in this interview, Cara Silletto encourages leaders to plan for change well beyond the coronavirus. Listen here: Expect to Pivot on a Regular Basis.

Hotel Executive (2020)

By now, everyone knows that turnover is costly. On average it costs $5k to replace every lost hospitality employe! One way or another, companies are paying: either in retention investment or turnover losses. Learn the best use of your dollars in Cara’s latest article: How Spending More Upfront Leads to Less Turnover Later.

Employee Benefit Adviser (2019)

What do millennials really want? Are you making mistakes that could cause you to lose valuable talent? Forget everything you think you know about millennial employees.

Flywheel Associates (2019)

Creating workforce harmony requires understanding that each generation (Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers) has its own expectations and goals. Listen to the podcast with Cara Silletto.


What is a stay interview? It is about the company’s performance and the manager’s performance. Read more from Cara Silletto on this type of interview that is growing in popularity. The Stay Interview

Lane Report (2019)

Business services provide support for the robust local workforce. Find out more about these businesses that thrive in Greater Louisville. Market Report

BizVoice (2019)

When it comes to Human Resources, a lot can change in five years. The industry has been reshaped to build empathy, tolerance, understanding and being able to see both sides of any spectrum of diversity that would exist. HR Evolution with Cara Silletto

WorkMinus (2019)

How is it that employee loyalty completely flipped in one generation? Listen to this podcast interview with Cara to learn the answer! WorkMinus Turnover with Cara Silletto

SystemHub (2019)

A brand’s worst nightmare is losing its team – its core components! Without people on board to help run the ship, it’s going to sink. Take a look at Cara’s 10 tips to start putting into practice to shut down that revolving door system for good. Reducing Millennial Turnover with Cara Silletto

Achievers (2019)

Even if they’re unhappy, employees sometimes stick around. But why? Cara details some reasons that staff members stay at an organization. Who’s the Real Flight Risk? Why Employees Leave (And Stay)

Hotel Business Review (2019)

Cara details the top six key management strategies that hotel managers need to know to better lead their employees. 6 Key Management Strategies Your Hotel Manager Must Know

The Executive (2019) California Society of Association Executives

As companies determine what goes into their staff training budgets, it can be hard to sort through all the different options. Cara dives into all the different things that are now essential to reducing unnecessary staff turnover. What Should Be in a Staff Training Budget?

The U.S. Chamber IOM Blog (2018)

Are you ready for the transition from a long-term workforce to shorter-term workers? The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s IOM blog has a guest post from Cara that will help employers prepare for the transition that’s already hitting industries across the country. Who’s the Real Flight Risk? Why Employees Leave (and Stay)

The Mastering Nursing Podcast (2018)

The nursing industry is in the midst of a turnover crisis. There’s a well-known shortage of nursing staff AND an average of 1 out of every 4 nurses will leave the profession within the first few years of practice. Thankfully there is hope! Cara and Nurse Keith talk about what can be done in this episode of the Mastering Nursing Podcast. Nurse Employee Retention Podcast with Cara Silletto


Louisville Business First (2018) 

Cara Silletto is named on Louisville Business First’s Forty Under 40 list for 2018! It is a program honoring the region’s up-and-coming young leaders, under the age of 40. It is comprised of accomplished businesspeople who are standouts in career achievements and community accomplishments. 2018 Forty Under 40 Award Recipients

HealthcareSource Blog (2018)

The one-size-fits-all model for staffing and managing no longer works for the modern workforce – so what does? See Cara’s article at HealthcareSource for insights: Understand the New Employer-Employee Relationship to Boost Retention

Kentucky SHRM Magazine (2018)

Do you ever feel ignored because the person you’re trying to engage is staring at their cell phone? In this article, Leah shares the fascinating story of how a dentist chose to creatively deal the issue but later had a change of heart. A Lesson from an Angry Dentist

Talk 1170 Radio (2018)

In this 2-part interview, Annica Thomas talks with Leah Brown about Millennials in the workplace and her and Cara’s new book, Staying Power: Why Your Employees Leave & How to Keep Them Longer. The Annica Thomas Show: Leah Brown Interview Part 1 The Annica Thomas Show: Leah Brown Interview Part 2

HR Florida Review (2018)

In today’s business environment, an increase in shorter-term workers is imminent. It’s time to lead, plan, and operate differently. 6 Keys to Retaining Talent

Texas Society of Association Executives (2018)

The goal used to be to keep staff at least 2+ years, but nowadays workers are becoming increasingly shorter-term. In this article, Cara gives 6 tips to overcome the challenges of a revolving-door workforce and gain greater staffing stability. A New Management Mindset: 6 Keys for Greater Staffing Stability

Moneyish (2018)

Is it okay to get political with your work attire? See Cara’s response here: Is it OK to wear a #Metoo pin or MAGA hat to work?

Hotel Business Review (2018)

“An imminent danger is threatening many companies and their future profitability: short-term workers.” Learn how to deal with this growing trend in Cara’s article here: Successfully Managing Today’s Shorter-Term Hotel Workforce

HR Works (2018)

Cara is the guest on this episode of BLR’s award-winning podcast, HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources. Listen in as she talks through how today’s HR professionals are sitting in a unique sweet spot for impacting the bottom line of their organizations. Talent Development Professionals Can Improve Retention and Your Bottom Line

HR Daily Advisor (2018)

What does it take to be a sustainable organization moving forward? It takes a new way of leading, planning and operating. It is time for a new management mindset. 6 Keys for Greater Staffing Stability

HR Daily Advisor (2017)

Do you get frustrated with younger new hires who have an inability to figure out problems on their own or can’t finish a project without a template? Why are Millennials so different than other generations? Tips for Hiring Millennials

Kununu (2017)

Has your organization kept up with the evolving expectations of today’s new workforce and made the necessary changes to attract and retain talent?  If your employer brand is considered behind the times, watch for talent to go elsewhere. What is Employer Branding?

HR Daily Advisor (2017)

5 Tips for business owners, managers, and recruiters to succeed in an employee market. The organizations who are winning the talent battle are those focusing more than ever on their human assets. Discover Strategies for Retaining Talent

HuffPost (2017)

Employees have the upper hand now, so culture is everything! Building a strong culture where people want to work is key to employee retention. Why Perks are So Important Today

KAHCF (2017)

Leah Brown is featured in the KAHCF magazine, CareLink, with an article about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment plan for employee turnover. How to Create a Place Where People WANT to Work

Wrike (2017)

We are in an employee market where applicants and candidates have the upper hand. See how companies can manage their employer brand. How to Foster a Positive Company Culture

Kentucky SHRM Magazine (2017)

What does it take to be a sustainable organization moving forward? It takes a new way of leading, planning and operating. 6 Keys for Greater Staffing Stability

Recruiter.com (2017)

recruiter Don’t believe everything you hear! Discover what experts, including Cara Silletto, say are the top 10 myths about recruiting and hiring. Read the article here.

LeadingAge New York Adviser (2017)

Read “Reducing Unnecessary Employee Turnover” – an overview of Cara’s session at the state conference. Click here to read the article. 

The Entrepreneur Way (2017)

Cara was interviewed about being an entrepreneur and offers advice to those who are interested in starting their own business. Listen to the podcast here.

USA TODAY (2017)

Cara was interviewed about how flexible summer schedules can improve conditions for overworked employees. Check out the article here.

Achievers HR Blog (2017)

What’s the real turnover problem? No one own retention! Read more here.

Meeting Planners International Chicago Chapter (2017)

Cara describes the evolution of multi-generational events. Read the article.

Hotel Business Review (2017)

Cara explains the Millennial Mindset and how to bridge generational gaps in your workplace. Read the article.

Kentucky SHRM Magazine (2017)


Read Cara’s article on the changing landscape of talent recruitment and retention costs. Read the article.

Firehouse (2017)

Leah discusses general differences and how they affect job performance. Read the article.

Provider Magazine (2017)  

Watch Cara’s talk on millennials and their impact on employee turnover.                                             Watch the video.

Small Market Meetings (2016)

Learn three ways to make Millennials love your meetings. Read the article.

The Boston Globe (2016)

Cara weighs in on the impact for organizations that prioritize fun and engage employees socially. Read the article.

InterQ (2016)

Use these expert tips on hiring millennials the next time you’re looking to add to your team. Read the article.

Kentucky SHRM Magazine (2016)


Click below to find out from Cara why Millennial men won’t work 60 hour work weeks. Read the article.

Lane Report (2016)

lane_report_logoRead the Lane Report interview with Cara outlining how Crescendo Strategies got started and what’s next. View the article here.

Forbes (2016)

Forbes-logo Read the Forbes article in which Cara discusses why Millennials are so openly sharing their salary information, and what that means for today’s business managers. View the article on Forbes

BambooHR (2016)

Read about the 10 Items you need in your onboarding agenda from Cara Silletto and other experts. See the list here.

Recruiter.com (2016)

recruiterCara Silletto made Recruiter.com’s list of the Top 10 Company Culture Experts! See the top 10 list.

Greater New York MPI (2016)

mpiRead Cara’s article on “10 Ways to Millennial-ize Your Meetings.” Read article on pages 11-13.

Southern Indiana Business Source (2016)

ntOur President Cara Silletto has been named a Business Source “20 Under 40.” Check out page 60.


Courier Journal (2016)

courier_journalCara spoke about Millennials at the Louisville Independent Business Alliance (LIBA). Check out her coverage in the event video and article about retaining Millennials.

Business First Publication (2015)

lou_bus_firstRead Cara’s article about strategies for retaining talent when employees have the upper hand. Download 2015 Biz First – Talent Retention

Business First Publication (2015)

lou_bus_firstSee Crescendo’s own Leah Brown in the 20 People to Know article for Education and Workforce Development. See the list here.

TalentTalk Radio Show Interview (2015)

talent_talk Chris Dyer interview Cara about Millennials on PeopleG2’s radio show, TalentTalk. Listen to the interview or read the summary article.

Kentucky Society for HR Managers (SHRM) Magazine (2015)

shrm Read Cara’s HR article about understanding and managing the Millennial mindset. Download 2015 KYSHRM Millennial Mindset

Young Professional of the Year – Top 3 Finalist (2014 & 2015)

the_oneIn both 2014 and 2015, Cara was recognized as a Top 3 Finalist for the James W. Robinson Young Professional of the Year Award, presented by One Southern Indiana.

Workforce Magazine (2014)

workforce_mag Cara was named a 2014 “Game Changer” by Workforce Magazine in Chicago, IL. Download the 2014 Game Changer Criteria.

Huffington Post (2014)

huffpoRead Cara’s quote in Jeff Stein’s Huff Post blog on “What Old People Can Learn from Millennials.” Scroll through the photo slideshow at the bottom of the page to hear more! Click here to visit the blog post.

BG Magazine (2013)

bg_magLearn how Cara found her Millennial niche and read about her path to build Crescendo Strategies. Download the 2013 BG Magazine Article

Today’s Woman Magazine (2013)

todays_womanSee Cara’s feature article on the “new school” approach to learning. Download the 2013 Today’s Woman Article

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