Assess Your Effectiveness

Please tell us you aren’t relying on once-a-year employee engagement surveys to tell you how your employees feel!

Think most people leave because of pay? Wrong!

We know you’re trying to reduce employee turnover, but is what you’re doing actually working? How do you even know the impact of a new retention initiative if turnover is still bad? It got a little better, but not enough, right?

Putting resources toward turnover-busting initiatives without data and a targeted plan leads to wasted time and money. Our clients prefer to stop assuming and gather the real evidence about why staff are leaving and which retention initiatives should take priority.

Retention Areas We Assess & Audit

  • Behaviors & Motivators of Individuals
  • Employee Engagement (Quarterly!)
  • Management Effectiveness
  • Generational Gaps
  • New Hire Experience
  • Staff Scheduling & Advancement Models
  • Organizational Trust & Transparency
  • Candidate Selection Processes
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A New Employee Engagement Tool

Crescendo has a new partner, Emplify, who measures employee engagement QUARTERLY to give you closer-to-real-time data about how your staff view the organization, their managers, and their roles within the company. The powerful “heat map” it creates shows leaders exactly where problem areas exist as they slice and dice the data into targeted segments of their workforce (by department, location, generation, tenure, etc.).

Contact us to learn more about this and other assessment tools our clients use! 

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