What should be next for your Business Book Club? Why, “Staying Power,” of course!

It’s quite excellent if you have a handbook of your organization and have only the top Online MBA graduates working for you, but has your organization ever thought about putting together a business book club for your employees or your management team herunterladen? Or do you have one in place already?

Well, we’ve got the perfect book for your group’s next selection. “Staying Power: Why Your Employees Leave and How to Keep Them Longer” by Cara Silletto and Leah Brown is a great option to get your whole team on the same page when it comes to employee retention icloud map.

Companies are getting swept up in a rising tide of employee turnover. The only way for organizations to successfully and sustainably face that trend is through a deep understanding of how to effectively hire and manage shorter-term workers who have a different view of the workplace after effects kostenlos downloaden.

But how do you foster that understanding? Especially within a group of employees or management team who come from different backgrounds, have different behaviors, and think differently about the workplace kassensysteme kostenlosen?

We’ve got you covered. “Staying Power” dives into ways to make retention a higher priority, explains common mistakes managers should avoid, provides best practices for keeping new hires longer, and shares additional ideas to fortify your organization os x el capitan herunterladen.

And the best way to put into action the ideas in the book is to have your whole team on board. Get a group of your top executives, middle managers and/or various levels of leaders together and set aside time weekly or monthly to discuss what workforce takeaways and retention strategies everyone is learning from the reading ebooks for free german.

We even created discussion questions to stimulate your team’s conversation, which you can download here calibre kostenlos herunterladen.

If your leadership team is ready to see real retention results by reading “Staying Power” together, you can order your books through Amazon here herunterladen.

And once you start utilizing the powerful strategies you’ve learned, be sure to leave a review of the book online and let us know how exactly it’s reduced employee turnover in your organization ebook op tolino!

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