Who Owns Retention? The REAL Employee Turnover Problem – Part 2

Continued from Who Owns Retention app on samsung tv? The REAL Employee Turnover Problem – Part 1

One Person Won’t Resolve the Issue – Retention is Everyone’s Job 

While having a dedicated staffer to focus on diagnosing and resolving turnover issues is essential, leaders at all levels must take turnover seriously das automatische herunterladen dieses bildes. Just like customer service, retention should be part of everyone’s job and everyone’s training. Keep in mind, workers today will leave their jobs if they don’t like their immediate supervisor, the leadership team or their coworkers, so encouraging your entire staff to attract and retain talent is critical powerpoint presentation for free. 

Is your organization incentivizing peer referrals? Is your company rewarding managers for improved retention within their departments windows 7 photo display? Or are they setting bonus plans according to the concept of “do more with less,” which is driving away the talent you can’t afford to lose. 

Become a Champion for Retention 

So where do HR professionals start download amazon prime? Here a few ways to attack the turnover crisis:  

    1. Create recognition and/or incentive programs for employees who reach certain milestones (after one year, not five!) zappn tv herunterladen. 
    1. Demand more management training for everyone who has direct reports testdatei herunterladen 1gb. 
  1. Make a case for hiring (or becoming) a retention specialist tiptoi junior globus herunterladen. 

Same Approach = Same Results 

If the trajectory of your employee turnover is headed in a positive direction, keep doing what you’re doing. But if your retention is getting worse every year, it is time to try a new approach for attracting and retaining today’s new workforce fehler beim herunterladen der inhaltsdatei wsus! 

About the Author: Workforce thought leader Cara Silletto, MBA, is the President & Chief Retention Officer at Crescendo Strategies, a firm committed to reducing unnecessary employee turnover by bridging generational gaps and making leaders more effective in their roles migros bank programm herunterladen. Cara is a highly-sought-after national speaker and trainer, having spoken to more than 10,000 leaders across the country at companies including UPS, Toyota, Humana’s Learning Consortium, and Cintas. Workforce Magazine named her a Game Changer, Recruiter.com included her in their 2016 Top 10 Company Culture Experts to Watch list, and she had the honor of being on Louisville Business First’s 2018 Forty Under 40 list.

Looking for more help solving workforce challenges? Our retention programs are customizable and cover a wide range of topics. Contact us at solutions@crescendostrategies.com today for packages built specifically for associations or corporate groups.

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